Trix Cereal

Turn on some morning cartoons and grab a carton of milk.

We're ready to celebrate cereal.

Today is National Cereal Day, a "holiday" honoring the sugary (or nutritious) breakfast food that helps you start your day off on the right foot.

As kids, some of us were allowed to throw anything we wanted into the shopping cart, while others walked sleepily to the kitchen table to eat whatever our parents picked for us.

A bowl of Cocoa Puffs every day versus a bowl of Raisin Bran lead to two very different life paths.

This is what your favorite childhood cereal choice says about you...

Cereal boxes

Were you a Lucky Charms fan growing up? That means you're a superstitious person who believes in surrounding yourself with the things that will bring good fortune into your life.

You also really like picking out and eating only the multi-colored marshmallows, because what 8-year-old wants to have those dry, toasted oat things for breakfast? Booooring.

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If you reached for Rice Krispies before catching the school bus, you were the kind of kid who liked to keep things moving and was constantly on the go.

A Rice Krispies enthusiast knows you only have a small window of time from the "snap! crackle! pop!" until the "bowl of soggy sadness," so you can't be one to wait when it comes to this breakfast choice.

This is the cereal for someone who allots a 45-second window to sit down before running out the door.

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Can we be honest here?

Trix kids were the kids who were a... little much.

If you could stomach that obnoxious mascot enough to grab for this cereal, you were probably the Trix rabbit from your friend group, too.

Plus, any child who opts for Trix, Fruit Loops, or another bowl of pseudo-fruit has no idea what an actual strawberry tastes like.

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A Cap'n Crunch kid understood the best things in life don't come easy.

You want something crunchy on your spoon? You're going to suffer for it.

This cereal will destroy your mouth, so choosing it means you're going to have to earn it—the Cap'n will get you ready for the real world.

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If Cinnamon Toast Crunch or French Toast Crunch were your top pick as a kid, that means you had a more refined palate than your peers.

You knew something like French toast was a brunch option, but alas, your parents opted for the convenience of cereal.

Now as an adult you can indulge in the artisan French toast you so wanted as an elementary school student.

Cereal boxes

Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs?

More like: "I want chocolate for breakfast, and my parents let me call the shots."

Cocoa Puffs are not only an indulgence, but they leave a bowl of chocolate milk in their wake.

This dessert breakfast was chosen by a kid who was accustomed to getting their way. Persuasive, persistent, and perhaps a little spoiled. 

Cereal boxes

If Honey Nut Cheerios, Raisin Bran, or another family cereal was something you actual chose for yourself, congratulations, you were the most mature second grader on the block.

A kid that selects the same thing as their parents, instead of messing around with a bowl of candy passing as cereal, is focused on the long-term.

This is a child that's putting their paper route money into a college savings account.

Speaking of sweets, watch the video below to find out what Kristin Cavallari's favorite treats are...

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