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The View

It's looking like John Stamos may be off the market!

The hunky actor joined the ladies of The View on Friday morning and let it slip that he's been "dating" someone.

Before making the comment, Joy Behar kicked off the conversation asking him right away: "Do you like your women submissive or dominant?" To which Stamos replied, "I just like my women, either way" (followed by shrieks from the audience).

A few moments later we're guessing he realized he should probably mention that he only has one woman (singular) in his life because that's when he dropped the bomb: "There's this girl I'm dating."

While chatting about his current tour with The Beach Boys, he explained how he had taken his phone out to film a drum solo for her during one of their recent shows.

"The other night, I grabbed my phone because there's this girl I'm dating," he began before pausing for the audience to let it sink in a bit.

Behar immediately returned to their previous conversation, asking, "Submissive or dominant?" And Stamos jokingly promised he'd "let her know" tomorrow night. Ow ow!

John Stamos, People's Choice Awards

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After the hosts got in all of their other jokes, Stamos continued, "But she loves this song 'Disney girl.' So I grabbed my phone and put it in front of [me] to shoot the whole thing. I thought I got away with it. And people were like, 'Who are you FaceTiming?'"

But FaceTiming is really his best bet while dating with his crazy schedule. Not only is he touring with the Beach Boys, but he's also producing both Fuller House and Grandfathered.

When asked how he dates while doing everything else, he quipped, "They come along!" And though he was totally joking, FaceTiming during a concert definitely does bring his lady along with him for the experience, right?!

Now, to find out who this mystery woman could be...

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