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What the actual time traveling frick is happening right now? We've been getting all hot and bothered about the invention of selfie sticks in recent years, but it turns out, millennials aren't to blame. Evidently, the concept was thought up way back in the day (the '70s to be exact), and one Redditor uncovered this crazy news. According to the thread, the original selfie stick appears to have made its debut in a Czechoslovakian film called Zabil jsem Einsteina, panove. V interesting!

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From the looks of that GIF, the vintage selfie stick works a lot like our modern day version. First, you extend the stick as you normally would, snap the pic (although this stick has a camera already in it), and out pops a Polaroid-esque picture at the bottom. Um, not going to lie, that sounds a hell of a lot cooler than the selfie sticks we've got today. It's compact, and prints out the pic right then and there? Into it.

Do you prefer the selfie stick of yesteryear or the sticks of today? Tell us in the comments!   

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