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House of Cards


House of Cards' Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) is a pretty terrible person. He's done a lot of awful things all in the name of getting ahead. But hey, it worked. It's now President Frank Underwood, he's the most powerful man in the House of Cards nation.

Back to him being terrible: this is a guy who killed a dog in the first scene of the series. And murdered two people, so really, nothing is off the table in terms of going too far. But that could all change in season four. Maybe he nukes the country? Nah…or could he? Tell us what's the worst thing Frank Underwood has done by voting in the poll below and weighing in in the comments.

By the way, Frank's done a ton of ethically awful stuff, including leaking to the press and a lot of political maneuverings, so those are noted and combined. Also this is only taking into account seasons one-three as of now.