David Schwimmer, Robert Kardashian Sr., American Crime Story

Ron Galella/WireImage; FX

David Schwimmer is so good on The People v. OJ Simpson that it's not only made us forget that he hasn't been on TV in years, it's made America forget that he hasn't always been Robert Kardashian.

Was there a time before the now signature grey hair stripe or purple shirts? If there is we don't want to know about it. Except, we kid, because of course pre-Kardashian David Schwimmer is our favorite David Schwimmer. Ross Gellar was a genius, and we don't just mean with the dinosaurs. 

Since everybody loves Friends so much, leave it to one discerning viewer to find the ultimate Ross Gellar throwback that proves his current role was completely serendipitous. The Friends scene in question involves Ross waiting in Joey and Chandler's apartment while his ex Rachel goes on a date. Ross is, not shockingly, obsessing over said date, watching through the guys' peephole for any sign of movement from the apartment across the hall and desperately searching for excuses to storm in and ruin the mood. 

Enter: Juice! Because people need juice! Ross especially needs juice. 

And do you know who else needs Juice? Robert Kardashian in The People v. OJ Simpson. He needs Juice so much that he says Juice's name at least 350 times per episode*.

*The above figure is not scientific, but rather a veiled approximation based on our collective watching of the show.

See the Friends clip below to believe in fate once again. 

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