Going into Oscar Sunday, it was fair to say all eyes were on Leonardo DiCaprio.

Thanks to his winning streak all season long and a critically acclaimed role in The Revenant, so many people were waiting to see if the actor would finally win his first Oscar.

After being nominated for six Academy Awards over his career, the actor ultimately took center stage when he accepted his Best Actor trophy. While cameras caught his speech, the reunions with Kate Winslet and even some quality time with a vape pen, one actress says there was more than what met the eye.

"I don't know if people could see it on TV, but everyone stood up. Nobody would sit down, nobody would stop clapping," Margot Robbie told E! News when reliving her Wolf of Wall Street co-star's big win. "He's like starting his speech and everyone was still standing. It was a really cool moment."

Margot Robbie, 2016 Oscars, Academy Awards, Arrivals

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

She added, "I gave him a massive hug. I was like, I'm so excited for you!"

While Leonardo certainly had a big night, host Chris Rock also grabbed the attention of audience members and viewers at home with his humor and surprises. If you're curious to hear Margot's opinion on his gig, she gives the comedian two big thumbs up.

"He did such a good job," she shared with E! News before her new film Whiskey Tango Foxtrot opens in theatres everywhere this Friday. "That was a tough show going into this year and I think he did really well. It's a fun room, everyone was enjoying themselves. It was really good."

Perhaps the cherry on top to such a star-studded evening was the outfit Margot was wearing all day. While hitting the red carpet, the blond beauty worked a gold dress with a plunging neckline and black clutch.

The look was made possible by a designer Margot has admired for so many years.

"Tom Ford made it for me. When I heard he wanted to make me a dress, I of course was like sure. He goes ‘What do you like? What do you want to wear?' I was like anything, literally anything," she shared. "He goes, ‘Any particular color, style?' I was like whatever you want Tom Ford. I will wear anything of yours so he had free reign and I love it. It was amazing."

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