Chrissy Teigen

John Salangsan/Sipa

Looking for a simple, modern eye to sport this week? Let Chrissy Teigen's Oscars look be your inspiration and celebrity makeup artist Mary Phillips be your guide.

The two collaborated on this neutral smoky eye, and the final result is something you can wear to any occasion. The look is subtle yet sweet enough to balance the sexiest of dresses, the model's stunning floral Marchesa dress included. 

"I love nudes and I think this eye shows you can use them in varying tones that won't wash you out," said the pro. "It's about using the right nudes with the right undertones while having the right products to bring that to life." And now's your chance to do exactly that...

Step 1: With Lorac Unzipped Palette, "use the lighter colors to highlight and the darker ones to add depth and pop. The true gold in this palette really gives the eyes that added dose of definition," noted the expert.

Step 2: With black eyeliner, use it on "the top lashes in between the lash hairs," said Mary. "[It'll give you a thicker, bolder look without the heaviness of a liquid line sitting on top. Instead it's resting between the lashes."

Step 3: Apply brown eye pencil "on the lower lash line and diffuse with a dome micro brush. I did this because I wanted the illusion of a liner without any shapes or lines, for a softer smoky eye," stated the pro.

Step 4: Lastly, "the Lorac Pro Mascara does not disappoint—this gives long and full lashes," said the beauty maven. "It's easy to apply and really gets to the root, which will give you that false lash look. Wiggle it at the base of the lashes."

And there you have it.

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