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Well, that was...unexpected. 

While we've been eagerly anticipating Chris Rock's Oscars performance, as well as those of all the announced presenters, we were just treated to a last-minute appearance by none other than Stacey Dash. Although, on second thought, is "treated" really the right word?

The Fox News commentator, who is certainly no stranger to controversy on behalf of her outlandish statements, popped up onstage for what may be the night's most equally bizarre and hilarious moment. Right after the wrap of the brilliant skit that inserted black actors into all the Best Picture nominees (we'll be forever grateful for Whoopi Goldberg's commentary on the white lady with the mop), Rock opened up another joke. 

"It's hard to get a job," he began. "But let me tell you some good news. The academy has taken steps to fix this problem. That's why it's my honor to introduce the new director of our minority outreach program. Please welcome miss Stacey Dash."

There were a few awkward laughs as Dash walked out to address the room, before she announced "I cannot wait to help my people out."

"Happy Black History Month!" she added, before giving a quick laugh and a "Thank you."

Um, what?

For those of you who may have been living under a rock, this little segment was a throwback to her now-infamously controversial comments that America should do away with Black History Month (among other things, like BET). If you're uncomfortable with this whole bit, just know that you're not alone. For Exhibit A, we give you Chrissy Teigen's face:

Chrissy Teigen, 2016 Oscars, Academy Awards, Winners

And lest you be wondering whether she's just reacting to a too-strong sip of her drink, husband John Legendtook to Twitter to clarify for us all. 

For Exhibit B, we give you the words of Shonda Rhimes—we'll let her tweet speak for itself. 

And now, you can find us cringing along to the rest of this show, in memory of this awkward moment. 

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