Let's talk booties with Coco!

As the new mom continues to soak up every moment with her baby girl, she's also finding time to share some very important questions with her Twitter followers.

Ladies and gentlemen, we can't help but ask: What do you call your booty?

"Funny question," she began in a new post Saturday afternoon. "Girls, do u have a nickname for your booty? My sister named mine her crystal ball. She said she could see her future…lol."

For those who haven't been paying attention, Ice-T's leading lady has had plenty of fun when discussing her butt. In fact, when hosting her daytime talk show, a celebrity plastic surgeon made a visit to prove her rear is all real.  

"Based on anatomy and the muscles—there are three muscles there, I can feel them all. There's not an implant there. I don't feel fat injected," Dr. Chris Johnson said. "I can certify that this is a real, natural butt!"

Coco added, "You've got to really inspect it, because I know it's real!" Only on the Ice & Coco show, people!

Putting butts aside, Coco is loving every moment as a new mom to Baby Chanel. In fact, she recently blogged exclusively for E! News where she shared how much her family has changed for the better.

"I'm completely satisfied with my little family right now. I love it. A second child doesn't even come to mind because I'm all about her," she shared with us. "I have to say baby Chanel is like my one and only. I can say that."

She continued, "I'm looking forward to the continuation of this bonding. Not only am I bonding with Chanel and she's bonding with me, I'm bonding with Ice. It's just this whole family bonding in a totally different way than I expected."

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