Bachelor JoJo Family

Last night's episode of The Bachelor was a whirlwind of emotions and crazy families, but we think we can all agree that contestant JoJo's hometown visit took the cake.

The Dallas-based clan was...special. As soon as the episode aired the Internet seemed to erupt into an all-out frenzy, thanks mostly in part to JoJo's mom. Not only does the woman speak the damn truth (or something like that, we kind of zoned out during that whole bedroom one-on-one chat they had), but she knows the real priorities in life: Champagne. Perhaps more importantly, she knows what doesn't matter in life: Cups. 

Bachelor JoJo Family

This moment was so perfect that it managed to overshadow the other...special...part of the visit: JoJo's terrifying brothers. The two quizzed Ben to no end, accusing him of things like "brainwashing" the contestants. People at home were probably wondering, "Creepy Brother Ben, what makes you such an expert on love?" Well, as it turns out, JoJo isn't the only family member who's appeared on a cheesy television dating contest.

We give you, JoJo's Brother Ben on failed reality show Ready For Love.

For those of you who don't remember the short-lived series, it was an NBC venture (produced by Eva Longoria no less) that featured multiple bachelorettes and bachelors. It only aired a few times on actual network television, but it was just enough to give us this amazing clip of Ben (that would be JoJo's ben, of course) discussing, well, love. 

Thanks to the magic of the Internet, the below video has surfaced of Ben introducing himself, saying things like "I'm the CEO of a hospital" and "I travel all around the world" and "There's no roadmap to falling in love." He also described his initial hesitation over joining a televised dating show, reiterating that he wants to meet "like, a genuinely good person."


Watch below for your viewing pleasure, and prepare to feel vindication for all the shade he threw JoJo and Higgins. 

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