Girl Scout Cookies

As if Girl Scout Cookie season couldn't get any better, it is officially National Girl Scout Cookie weekend! There are a million ways in which one could celebrate this sort of thing. You could spend the entire weekend seeing how many delicious cookie calories you could eat in one sitting and risk a myriad of health problems. Or, you could be wise and use those cookies (after eating a sleeve or two) to bake other delicious dessert treats. What do we mean by this? The Girl Scouts announced via press release that they will be putting on their second National Girl Scout Cookie Recipe Contest, sponsored by Taste of Home, now through March 25.

Girl Scout Cookies, Caramel deLites, Samoas


Get together a bunch of your favorite Girl Scout cookie flavors, and use them to create a sweet treat in any 1 of 4 categories (think candies, cakes, ice cream and brownies for example). Participants have the chance to win prizes from $250 to $500 and, get this, "a spotlight feature in Taste of Home magazine," the release notes. Um, sign us up! Last year's winner sounds like a tough act to follow. The 15-year-old Girl Scout created "Delightful Caramel Bars, a three-step, multilayered treat consisting of both Shortbreads/Trefoils and Caramel deLites/Samoas." Dang.

What treat would you create out of your favorite Girl Scout cookie? Tell us your ideas in the comments!  

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