Adele, Ellen DeGeneres, Jamba Juice

Michael Rozman / Warner Bros.

Jamba Juice became the butt of a hilarious comedy sketch between Adele and Ellen DeGeneres last week, and now they juice company has come back with a joke of their own!

In case you missed it, Ellen sent Adele into a local Jamba Juice store, and the singer had to repeat everything the daytime talk show host fed through her ear piece, including several difficult requests (like fitting a large juice into a small cup).

But one of the funnier lines came when Adele claimed to have been to a similar juice place in London called "Swishy Chug," which she said was some sort of "beet and potato kind of mixed together."

Well, after Jamba realized they were at the butt of a hilarious prank, the company decided to turn it into a business profit: creating their own Swishy Chug website!

Ellen discovered the silly site, which reads: "Move over tea and crumpets. England has a new national favorite: the Rolling in the Beets smoothie," and then riffing off Adele's skit they add: "It's some kind of beet and potato kind of mixed together."

The website offers a coupon as well, which eventually leads back to the Jamba Juice site and gives everyone the opportunity for $2 off any smoothie.

Obviously, Ellen loved it (and now we're headed to grab a smoothie of our own).

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