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Well, three snaps for Kenya Moore.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta's resident diva finally did the one thing we've been waiting for her to do in her three seasons on the Bravo hit: She acted like a damn adult.

Now, before anyone goes crazy with a Most Improved award of anything, the episode wouldn't let us forget that it was her who brought up industry's rumors about Kim Fields' husband Chris she's apparently been hearing for the last decade. And tonight, she added insult to injury by also alleging Kim and Chris had tax problems, while Kim just stared at her with the face of someone who'd rather be listening to hyenas screaming. But we're getting off topic here. This was supposed to be a celebration of Kenya, right? Back to it.

Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kim Fields


In two separate conversations tonight, Kenya put her big girl pants on and set the sass aside. And she actually owned up to some of the crap she pulled in Jamaica. First up, she apologized to Kim for that nasty moment on their first night there when she pulled her chair out for her while she was still in it. "Kim, I do apologize for moving your seat out," she said. "I think it was out of line." These two will never be friends, but it was it was nice to see Kenya agree to at least respect the woman moving forward.

But the real show was at dinner on the final night, where she tearfully apologize to her supposed BFF Cynthia Bailey for acting like a real turd after Cynthia chose Kim to produce and direct the commercial. "You know, the thing is Cynthia, you have been my person that I have confided in here when I felt like everyone was against me. You were the only one that stood up for me. So, um, I was in my feelings and I didn't get over it. And I thought my being there was enough.  It wasn't enough. So honestly, it was a real jerk thing for me to do," she said before shedding some tears. "I'm really sorry because I let you down. I'm just sorry. I hope not to ever do that again because you have been more than a friend to me."

Of course, not everyone was buying what Kenya was selling. We're looking at you, Phaedra Parks. But it was a rare moment of humility and humanity from the woman who's become something of a villain in the series. We're sure it won't last, but at least it allowed everyone to head home from Jamaica on a high note. Where things go from here in Atlanta? Well, that remains to be seen.

Spare Parts:

- There hasn't been a funnier moment in the history of this series than Phaedra and NeNe Leakes' little performance at Read School Theater. Phaedra skewered Kenya to perfection and NeNe's examples of how Kim should respond to all of Kenya's taunts were some next-level comedy. There were tears from all the laughing.

- Did anyone else hear a record scratch when Sheree Whitfield admitted she was open to moving forward with Bob? Don't do it, girl! Remember the child support debacle! Remember!

- It looks like Kandi and Todd are moving forward with their restaurant after getting Aunt Bertha's hard-fought seal of approval. At this point, we're not sure who has more avenues of commerce on this show: Kandi or Phaedra? These women HUSTLE.

- "Peter, when you're dressed like this, I want to bury you." Say what, Phaedra?

Were you surprised by Kenya's mature behavior tonight? Or do you think she was crying some crocodile tears too? Let us know in the comments below!

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs Sundays at 8 p.m. on Bravo.

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