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Ring the Gilmore Girls alarm! Something VERY important is happening right now, and no, it's not that Luke and his beloved backwards baseball cap have been reunited. (Although, good for you, Luke. That's one relationship that will never be broken.)

Here's the latest in "things related to Gilmore Girls that are making us WAY too emotional for our own good": Jared Padalecki is back on set! We repeat: Dean is back in Star's Hollow and all is well. Seriously, why is this so overwhelming? Literally, Jared Padalecki posted a photo of himself at work and we could not be more emotional about it. We doubt anyone gets teary-eyed over our office selfies.

If we really think about it, though, Dean probably has been chilling in Star's Hollow this whole time. Just saying. We cannot confirm if he is still the worst (or best, depending on your position in the Rory Gilmore's boyfriends argument), but we can confirm (thanks to this photo) that he is definitely there.

And isn't that all we need?

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