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Tell is if you've totally been in this situation before: you post a photo on Instagram that you think is so hip and cool. It's got perfect lighting, a witty, original caption and who wouldn't want to see a picture of yourself waiting for an Uber?! That's definitely something people need to see on their feed.

But then you have to watch the photo with a racing heart, because you know you need to get to at least 11 likes before those names disappear under the photo. You need Instagram to just start counting those hearts instead of listing which one of your friends is actually looking at your pic. It just looks better with a single heart with a number next to it, right? You'll watch that Instagram shot like a hawk until you can finally double tap your own photo and bump up that like count.

Raise your hand if you know exactly what we're talking about…

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Same, you guys. Same. But wait! We might not have to live in that nightmare anymore! Because it looks Instagram is changing up its like count situation:

Instagram users are now seeing that the names of the people who like their photos have disappeared and now it's just a number next to the heart. Some are reporting that the names disappear after three likes instead of 10. Perhaps we no longer have to wait for 10 likes to appear cool on social media!

Instagram confirmed to Mashable that they are testing out this new feature, though they didn't reveal when they will roll it out for all users.

So will this make you feel less like a loser to see a number next to the heart, or will it looks worse to see the phrase "2 likes" under a photo or your latte? Discuss.

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