Brie Bella needs "space" from Nikki Bella on tonight's episode of Total Divas.

In this clip from the show, Nikki enters Brie's hotel room because she's "scared" to sleep alone.

"Get out of my room Nicole!" Brie tells Nikki.

"What's your deal dude?" Nikki asks Brie. "You always let me stay with you."

"Well I mean sometimes I need my own space, we've been together a lot lately," Brie says.

"But I'm scared," Nikki tells Brie.

"OK Nicole, you're 31 years old, we're in a hotel," Brie says.

Brie then asks Nikki how she got a key to her room and Nikki reveals she "pretended" she was Brie!

So what causes Nikki to tell Brie "I hate you"? Watch the clip to find out!

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