If the idea of this doesn't make you claustrophobic, then you're the real hero.

Shia LaBeouf continues to take his art to the next level, and this time he's doing that literally. The former Transformers star shut himself and a group of people inside an elevator for 24 hours, only allowing people out for quick bathroom breaks and to give a talk this evening at the Oxford Union. The elevator occupation, dubbed #ELEVATE, is part of LaBeouf's latest performance art installation.

Are you suffering from FOMO? Do you wish you could be inside that elevator participating in the conversation that everyone is having? Well, you can...sort of. The whole event is being live streamed on YouTube, where you can stare at the metal doors of the elevator while listening in to the thrilling conversation. It looks like the former Disney star is answering all the questions his new BFFs have for him, including stuff about his "transition" in Hollywood.

Shia Labeouf Twitter


"I had a lot of shame about what I was a part of," he said during one portion that we overheard (listened to?). "Some of the movies I've been part of that had no intrinsic value that are just commercials."

Oof. Burn. We hope he isn't referencing Even Stevens because that would just be downright upsetting.

LaBeouf and his guests, who include musical collaborators Nastja Ronkko and Luke Turner, entered the elevator at 9 a.m. Friday local time and will remain inside until 9 a.m. local time Saturday.

This stunt is just the latest in a string of performances that LaBeouf has put on. The 29-year-old actor previously set up his own call line that people could use to ask him questions. He also rented out a movie theater in New York City where he screened all his films, an event called #ALLMYMOVIES. He spent three days watching his 29 films.

You do you, Shia.

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