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Celebs, they're just like us they're definitely not like us in certain cases, and we'll use this gem as our latest example.

The pregnant and beautiful Chrissy Teigen often makes us feel like she's our BFF, because let's face it, she often says what everybody's thinking, and that's what we love most about her.

But don't forget that she is an A-list celeb, and with that title comes some interesting perks.

For example, you might get yourself a pair of fringe denim shorts, and when there's a little wear-and-tear, you just let it happen and try to pull it off as the style. Or you attempt to cut them yourself, and end up instantly regretting your decision.

Teigen, on the other hand, has a celeb hairstylist go in and use their expertise to give those shorts a trim fit for a star.

The soon-to-be mama took to Instagram earlier today to share a snapshot that, at first glance, may shock you a bit. Mainly because she's looking down at a face that's dangerously close to her crotch. What is going on?! Don't worry, as we said before, she's just giving her shorts a little trim.

(Also, shout out to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Kathryn Edwards for making an appearance on Chrissy's TV at the perfect time #photobomb.)

"My short strings are getting a @harryjoshhair haircut!! Spoiled!," she wrote. For those who don't know, Harry Josh (who has racked up over 143,000 followers on Instagram) is a famous celeb hairstylist who has worked with names like Gisele BündchenKate BosworthLily Aldridgeand Miranda Kerrto name a few.

Oh, and Chrissy Teigen's shorts.

Once her denim was on point, Teigen stepped out and found herself cradling a newborn baby. Sweet photos of the star adorably holding the little cutie surfaced on the Internet, and Chrissy instantly took to Twitter to share the experience and to foreshadow any negative critics that may come her way.

No worries, girl. You're a natural!

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