When it comes to scoring groceries, don't mess with Melissa McCarthy.

In a sketch cut from last week's Saturday Night Live episode, the Spy actress puts her shopping skills to the ultimate test in a parody of Supermarket Sweep, the classic game show where contestants raced against the clock to rack up the most expensive grocery store items. 

The hilarious clip features McCarthy as an over-eager, extremely competitive player who goes straight for the jugular, grabbing items like sushi-grade tuna from the stockroom and imported wheels of cheese from behind the deli section.

Though McCarthy's competitor (played by Vanessa Bayer) seemingly never stands a chance, the SNL host makes it her mission to complete total demolition by throwing rice and dragging Bayer's character down the aisle by her feet. 

The Oscar-nominated actress even makes a pit stop near the condiments, dipping her hand in a jar of mayonnaise to "keep her energy up."

Yikes! Until SNL makes its return on March 5 with host Jonah Hill, get your comedy fix by watching the entire sketch above.

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