Cheryl Burke is extremely flustered on tonight's Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry!

On the episode, the former Dancing With the Stars pro sits down with clairvoyant Tyler Henry to talk about her romantic life while her two friends listen in.

"There's a reference to a Josh and there's a reference to a J and then I'm seeing the first initial of my name which is a T," Tyler tells Cheryl in this clip.

"There's a JT, oh my God!" a shocked Cheryl says.

"Wow OK, sorry about that," Tyler tells Cheryl. "I didn't know that would fit."

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"Yeah he's my ex," Cheryl tells Tyler.

Cheryl then says that her friends listening in are probably "dying" right now.

"Just like I am," Cheryl says. "My armpits just got really really sweaty and so did other things under the pillow." LOL!

So what does Tyler have to say about Cheryl's ex?

Check out the video above to find out!

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