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Gwen Stefani is at a point in her life where she's willing to take more chances without worrying about the risk...for example, recording an entire music video on live national television!

Yes, after performing her "Make Me Love You" video during the 2016 Grammys Monday, the No Doubt singer opened up about the experience to Carson Daly on Los Angeles' 97.1 AMP Radio Tuesday morning, chatting in detail about how it acts as "symbolism" for her real life—including a bit about Blake Shelton—and why this new album means so much to her at this point in both her career and personal life.

Gwen Stefani Video Grammys


"I think the opportunity to work with Target and do the live video for the Grammys last night was kinda the motivation to get me finished," she said about completing the new album. "It was a little depressing for me because that writing process was so intense, so healing, magical, but now I'm feeling that kind of place where I get to share it."

She added, "It feels victorious, you know what I mean, and it represents so much more than just music. It's my life and such an amazing process."

In fact, the album reveals her "newfound emotional happiness" (as Daly describes it), which is something Stefani didn't know she'd ever find again.

"Oh my gosh, I had no idea what was coming next. I thought I was going to be stuck down there for a while," she says, speaking on her the rough couple years of her life. "It feels so good right now. It's true, you just never know what's going to happen. I feel real happy."

Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani

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Obviously a big part of her happiness stems from her relationship with Shelton, which they made official in November. But despite being together for quite a bit of time now, Stefani admits it's still a little difficult working with him on The Voice.

This season she acts as an adviser for Team Blake, and she says of the experience, "It was hard, Carson, I have to say! I was so excited to come back, but being that there was three layers of things: Working with any other coach, you're going to be a little nervous and insecure because it's not your team. You don't want to step on anyone's toes. So, there was that. Then on top of that, I'm not country and there was a lot of country artists and [Blake's] super country. He's like the king of country. You know what I mean? I'm out of my world. And then on top of that, the obvious stuff."

The obvious stuff meaning love, of course!

Either way, we're sure she did a great job, and we can't wait for all of her exciting ventures to continue over the next few months!

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