Jillian Michaels is on a mission!

The Just Jillian star is determined to make Heidi Rhoades' parents like her, and she'll stop at nothing until she succeeds.

In this exclusive clip from tonight's episode of Just Jillian, Jillian is doing her podcast when she starts talking about going to visit Heidi's parents in Florida.

"You know that her parents hate me right? They secretly hate me," Jillian says. "They're good people, right? Like just good, kind, sweet people, which is why I feel compelled to f--k with them all the time."

While Heidi's parents might not enjoy Jillian's pranks, she's determined to make them love her.

"Honest to God I'm telling you I will make these people love me," Jillian says. "I won't stop until they do. Because how can you not?"

Take a look at the hilarious clip above to watch Jillian discuss Heidi's parents!

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