Jack in the Box Restaurant exterior

Jack in the Box

Few things are more exciting in this world than emotionally eating foods which ultimately result in early onset of arterial plaque. Few things. On that note, we welcome Jack In The Box to the stage, here to help us live our best life. You see, Jack is currently giving away a million mother-effing burgers so people with limited self-control (us) will head over to their restaurants and claim their free fast food. According to GrubGrade, you must first sign up at the restaurant's website.

Then you'll be given a coupon for a free Double Jack or Jumbo Jack burger. Sold. The company website says it's first come first serve, so that means if you're hungry you need to run over like yesterday. Grub Grade says customers have one week to redeem the coupon or try and get it before all the burgers have been claimed. The real question is, how do we register for more than one? Make it happen, you guys! 

We signed up, did you? Which burger do you want to try? Double Jack or the Jumbo Jack burger? 

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