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Nina Dobrev hosted quite the girls' night Tuesday!

The former Vampire Diaries actress invited over BFF Julianne Hough and a few friends for a special viewing of Hough's megahit production, Grease: Live!, and the women cooked up a storm before enjoying the musical. But it was the hostess with the mostess who got the real treat, as she was #blessed to receive a Pink Ladies jacket, officially initiating her as an honorary member of the group.

Both Hough and Dobrev took to Instagram to share the same photo, each providing a different caption about their exciting evening. While Hough was probably more than happy to bestow her bestie with such an awesome jacket, it was Dobrev who couldn't help but fangirl.

"Thank you @juleshough for my incredibly amazing soft silky Pink Ladies jacket! I definitely feel like I'm part of the Grease squad," she wrote on Instagram. "So incredibly happy to be a (micro) part of this (HUGE) special experience of yours. Even if it's just by wearing a jacket. Haha #TeamSandy for life!" 

Grease: Live


They #twinning throughout their special night, wearing their matching Pink Ladies jackets while preparing their epic meal, which by the way sounded delicious. Dobrev also revealed their menu.

"On the Menu this evening I have: Spicy Orange Chicken Wings / Steak Tacos with Mole Verde and a special screening of #GreaseLive!" she added.

Sounds delicious!

"#someofmyotherpinkladies Come over for a girls night to cook and watch #GreaseLive it's not over yet.... :)," Hough posted.

Hough has had some great experiences with her work, especially this latest endeavor, but that doesn't mean it hasn't come without its struggles. But she tells Redbook's March issue that she has learned to shake it all off. "I've always been positive. But trust me, I have my days when I just break down and cry—and I don't even know why I'm crying! I'm all about embracing those times, too," she explains. "If you never feel sad about anything, there's nothing dynamic to life—and that's boring."

In case you missed the live airing of Grease: Live!, it's streaming on Hulu or the DVD is available for pre-order. Unfortunately, Dobrev's spicy orange chicken wings won't come with the delivery.

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