Twitter is altering time as we know it with their latest update.

Let us explain...

Today Twitter has announced a new timeline feature to help users catch up on the best tweets from the people you follow.

You know those algorithms used for Twitter's "while you were away" feature? It's like that.

The social media service is using that to rank which tweets they think you need to see, so your timeline is not solely based on the most recent content anymore.

They're giving you the best, most relevant tweets for you, based on what they think you want to see.

This is how it works: select the feature in your settings.

Then, when you open Twitter it will show you the "best" tweets at the top of your timeline, in reverse chronological order.

Twitter Logo

They are still recent tweets, but the relevant content is getting an extra boost to the top of your timeline.

The rest of the tweets will be below, in reverse chronological order as well, per usual.

Bumping baller tweets to the top means you're, hopefully, seeing better content to like and retweet.

But does the question is: do people want something that isn't just a traditional chronological list of tweets, in order?

Twitter says the new feature leads to people being more active on Twitter, by tweeting and retweeting more.

If it means we never miss out on a celeb feud or juicy gossip, we'll take it.

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