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When it comes to making a biopic of any kind, there will more likely than not be some liberties taken with the actual events so as to create a more entertaining program. And while American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson combines fact with fiction, the age of the Internet has allowed some of the people involved to react to what's happening on the screen.

O.J. Simpson already has said that he feels indifferent about Cuba Gooding Jr.'s portrayal of his life story, and now real-life Kato Kaelin is expressing his thoughts about his own portrayal on Ryan Murphy's show. Kaelin live-tweeted Tuesday's episode and answered fans' questions about the trial, his life at the time and what he's up to now.

One Twitter user noted the show portrayed Kaelin as a "real scared airhead," which Kaelin shook off with a simple response. "@TJWooster director's choice. Oh well..," he tweeted. He also addressed Robert Kardashian's scripted personality when another fan asked, "@Kato_Kaelin was Robert Kardashian as altruistic as they are portraying him to be on #ThePeoplevOJSimpson?"

"@Texaroonie didn't know him well but I'm sure he was a kind man," he responded.

People v. OJ Simpson: American Crime Story


Because the show is based on true events, followers wondered if they consulted the man living in Simpson's guesthouse about what did or didn't happen in the time. "Did they contact you to ask you about facts before making this series #PeoplevOJSimpson," another asked.

"Nope—nada," he answered.

He later answered another fan who asked whether Billy Magnussen, the actor who plays Kaelin in the FX show, called him to get some information about his life at the time. "No but he did buy cast and crew my clothing line @slackerwear - no joke, he did," he revealed

Hey, so he's got that going for him, which is nice.

It doesn't seem like Kaelin is the show's biggest fan, as he criticized other aspects of the show, such as John Travolta's makeup. Despite the fact that this trial took over a lot of his life, Kaelin has happily moved on. "Life is great," he wrote when asked if he has tried to get away from the story. "I have love and new show @SportsHaters @slackerwear - all good peaches, er...Plum."

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