Bless this country and bless Taco Bell. Because isn't this what Super Bowl Sunday is all about? It's about football, friends and so much damn cheese it should probably be illegal.

After weeks of teasing and taunting, Taco Bell finally revealed its latest menu item during Super Bowl 50. And as expected, it's absolutely ridiculous.

Taco Bell, Quesalupa, Super Bowl 50


The Quesalupa, which Taco Bell claims is bigger than man buns, drones and hoverboards in their Super Bowl commercial, is basically the chalupa that we all know and love, except the shell is stuffed with melted pepper jack cheese. So if your team loses today, perhaps you should drown your sorrows in a Quesalupa at your friendly, neighborhood Taco Bell?

Watch the Quesalupa in cheesy action in the Super Bowl ad above.

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