Is President Obama endorsing the Hashtaggers?

According to this video he is!

OK not really, but a look-alike is totally telling Donald Trump to have the Hashtaggers help him with his social media!

"Hey Trump it's me Obama-rama," he says. "Listen, if you want a real shot at the nomination, you've got to reach millennials."

How's Donald going to do that?

"Hashtaggers," President Obama says. "They'll get your Twitter tweeting big time. Everyone uses them, Shatner, Snooki, even that Ian Ziering from Sharknado. So do yourself a favor and look them up. You and your hair will thank me later. Obama out."

Even though it's really not President Obama, William Shatner, Snooki and Ian Ziering will be on Hashtaggers this season along with many more celebrity guests!

You can watch all of the LOL-worthy episodes starting tomorrow on EOL!

Watch Hashtaggers when it premieres Feb. 8 on E! Online!

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