American Crime Story, The People v. O.J. Simpson, Cuba Gooding, Jr.

Jae C. Hong/AFP/Getty Images; FX

Well, that was unclear. 

Days after Cuba Gooding Jr..'s highly anticipated portrayal of O.J. Simpson debuted in American Crime Story, the actor received a mixed review from arguably his most important critic—Simpson himself. 

While Gooding has not had direct contact with the former football star—Simpson is currently behind bars in Nevada—he was able to send an indirect message to the Oscar winner. 

"He must be posted up at the payphone in jail right now," Cuba told Watch What Happens Live's Andy Cohen. "It's like everybody keeps giving a quote that he said."

Still, there's one quote in particular that struck Gooding. When Cohen asked if Simpson had seen the show, the actor shared a recent statement he had read from the infamous man. 

"He hasn't seen the show, but 'Cuba's portrayal I feel indifferent about,'" he said, referencing Simpson's words. 

The acclaimed actor seemed less than thrilled with the former athlete's mixed review.

"Well, what is it? Have you seen the show or you feel indifferent?" Gooding asked out loud. 

While Simpson may be less than certain, the public response has been crystal clear. With 5.1 million total viewers, fans clearly feel no indifference about this season—it's a bonafide hit. 

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