Scenario: You are walking down the street, having just completely destroyed a burrito the size of your head. You really want to tweet about said burrito. It was so delicious and you honestly believe if you don't tweet about it, then this burrito would have never existed at all. But you don't want to simply write some text about this burrito. No, you want to really show the emotional journey you went on while eating this burrito. So what should you use?

A GIF, right? Well, when you're on your phone, you have to open your browser and search and scroll and your fingers are probably still greasy from the burrito. Ugh. It's a pain in the ass to tweet a GIF on your phone sometimes.

We've all been there, right? And Twitter feels our pain, because it looks like they are testing out a GIF button for its mobile app, aka TOTAL GAME CHANGER. How amazing would it be to press a button and find a "happy, dancing" GIF instead of simply tweeting that you are excited about Zac Efron's Baywatch body?

According to this screenshot from Twitter user Phil Pearlman, a GIF button is popping up for some people on the mobile app, right between the photo button and the poll feature. Some people on Twitter claimed the button disappeared shortly after they discovered it, but we think we've seen enough to assume that the site will be rolling out a dedicated GIF button in the near future.

Since the GIF you choose will depend on your mood or the subject of your tweet, we'd thought we'd give you a list of GIFs that are always, ALWAYS, appropriate to post on Twitter. Just have these handy somewhere and know that if you ever feel the urge to tweet a GIF, these will always be acceptable:

Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet, 2016 SAG Awards, GIFs


Harry Styles GIF
Jurassic World GIF


Idris Elba GIFs
Sisters GIF, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler

Universal Pictures

Beyoncé GIFs
Zac Efron GIFs
Twitter GIF Button
Twitter GIF Button
Twitter GIF Button
Prince Grammys GIFs

Bring on the GIF button, Twitter! Our bodies are so ready for it. And if we were tweeting that sentence, we'd use this GIF:

Twitter GIF Button

But seriously, hurry up with that GIF button. Thanks.

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