Zac Efron, Instagram


Here's a question you never need to ask Zac Efron—Do you even lift, bro?

Um, clearly he does, and now we're not sure where to focus our eyes because his latest Instagram picture is giving us a lot to work with.

Luckily, and maybe a little unfortunately, the hunky Hollywood star wasn't shirtless in the snapshot, because that may have been a little chaotic, but he was pumping iron at the gym, and OH-EM-GEE y'all.

Efron's photo showed him lifting weights for "back and bi's" day at the gym as he preps for his role in Baywatch, which will undoubtedly grace us with lots of shirtless moments from the ripped star, and between his crazy bicep muscles that are practically ripping through the picture (and our hearts) and his perfect jaw line, we just don't know how to handle.

It was confirmed back in August that Zac would be starring opposite Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson in the anticipated film based on the popular TV series from the '90s starring David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson. "Our movie will be big fun and RATED R... Like me w hen I drink," tweeted Dwayne. "So stoked brother," Zac replied. "baby oil for 2 plz"

Leonardo DiCaprio's model ex Kelly Rohrbach is confirmed to play C.J. Parker, and Billions actress Ilfenesh Hadera is set to play The Rock's love interest.

The Baywatch movie isn't due to hit theaters until 2017, but at least we have all these prep pics to hold us over until then.

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