Referee, Puppy Bowl

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For some of us, the Puppy Bowl is far more interesting than the actual Super Bowl. Let's be real. We don't know the first thing about fantasy football teams, but we know how to make one for the Puppy Bowl. #Priorities. As you know, Animal Planet will be airing the awesomeness on Super Bowl Sunday. If you're the kind of BB who only watches the game for the wings, halftime show and commercials, the Puppy Bowl is your jam. First things first, you'll need to hop onto the Puppy Bowl's website and create a team

Puppy Bowl, Fantasy Team

The next step is to draft three pups for your team and give your posse a name. According to the scorecard, a touchdown is seven points, field goals and takeaways are both three points, tackles are two points, and a penalty will set your pup back two points. Wired has a few suggestions for drafting the perfect team, such as being careful not to draft based off of each pups cuteness. The site also notes you should pick, minimum, one terrier, and be knowledgeable about high-scoring breeds.  

Will you be making a Puppy Bowl fantasy team? Who will you choose and why? Tell us in the comments! 

Holy Justin Timberlake! It's been 12 years since Janet Jackson's Super Bowl "wardrobe malfunction!" 

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