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    Christian Bale: Chilled Real-Life Superhero?

    Christian Bale AP Photo/Manu Fernandez

    Think Christian Bale probably heard that the powers that be want him to sex it up a bit more for the next Batman installment, be a little less, you know, anemic-looking and crankyass?

    See, we caught up with LeeLee Sobieski at the D&G opening, babe just recently wrapped the much-anticipated film Public Enemies, starring moody hunks Johnny Depp and Bale, both.

    Firstly, we were über-curious if C.B. kept his infamous temper on lockdown, unlike stories we heard from the Terminator set, not to mention that nastiness with his mom a while back. "He was such a gentleman," fawned L.L. "He was very protective of all the women and the men on set. He was actually amazing to everybody, the utmost professional guy. In fact there was even an instance one night where he kept a lady safe."

    So is Christian a real-life caped crusader?

    Awful Truth: Do tell, what happened?

    LeeLee: I can't really divulge, but he was a protector to her, he was really sweet.

    Is the guy a Method actor or what? Bale's obviously in training for the next Batman sequel, saving lives and all that do-good stuff. He can work on his PR benevolence as long as he keeps his bod buff while doing so, we say. Besides, all the better to challenge the next flick's proposed villainess, Catwoman, right?

    Remember, Christian, Rachel Weisz is also a Brit, and you U.K. types can be so cleaned up on the outside and so borderline bad on the inside, or so I'm told.

    Additional reporting by Taryn Ryder