Arrow, Unchained

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That's pretty much where we're at right now. Whoa, holy crap, OMG, whaaaat?

Tonight's episode of Arrow threw quite the curveball into its typical disposable villain of the week formula when it introduced the self-named Calculator (Tom Amandes).

Felicity spent the episode battling the expert hacker online without ever actually meeting him. When she actually did meet his real-life, non-computer persona, we were shocked to discover that she already knew him…as Dad!

The Calculator had been blackmailing Roy (Colton Haynes) to steal a few things from Palmer Tech, and Roy ran to Team Arrow for help. That help mostly consisted of Felicity taking the guy down via the internet, with no clue that she was actually working to defeat her own father.

Arrow, Unchained


Apparently, he's been keeping a bit of an eye on her since learning of her injury , and he even came to support his daughter as she gave a presentation to the Palmer Tech board, which we guess would be nice of him if he weren't also so intent on bringing down Star City.

Our minds are blown, our theories were wrong, and now all we can think about is how, thanks to the fact that Tom Amandes played Emily Van Camp and Chris Pratt's dad on Everwood, Emily Thorne, Felicity Smoak, and Starlord are all siblings. That's now canon in our brains and you can't tell us otherwise.

We've got a lot of fanfiction to write. 

Arrow airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on the CW.

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