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While some teenagers mark their 16th year with a modest party in a bingo hall, Lily-Rose Depp is already strutting the runways of Chanel. 

The teenage daughter of actor Johnny Depp and French singer Vanessa Paradis has been in the public eye since she arrived in the world in 1999, back when her high-profile celebrity parents were still a romantic pair and the highlight of every tabloid.

Seemingly identical to her stunner mother, Lily-Rose is not only following in Vanessa's genetic footsteps but also in her fashion ones as a new face for Chanel. For her first fashion campaign, the teen tackled a couture heavy weight as the face of the brand's Pearl eyewear collection in September.  

The aspiring actress is no stranger to the brand—she's been preparing to walk in its runways since she was just a cherub. 

"Chanel has always been this big thing for me—there are baby pictures of me wearing my mom's Chanel pumps," she told LOVEfor which she stars as the cover model for the Spring/Summer 2016 issue. 

"I have been lucky enough to know Karl [Lagerfeld] since I was eight—yes, half my life. I have been so lucky to be around him and just talk to him. He makes people feel great. He is a presence. He's very perceptive; I really feel like he understands people."

She's already best friends with one of the biggest names in fashion history before she can even get a license to drive in the United States—not that we're jealous or anything. 

Lily-Rose Depp, Vanessa Paradis, Chanel Paris Fashion Week

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Despite a laundry list of accomplishments at a young age, Lily-Rose suffers the price of early fame predominantly online. 

"I would be much less stressed out without social media," she added to the magazine. "I am constantly afraid of getting hacked. It's like being afraid of stepping on glass."

The blond-haired beauty is plagued by fake accounts on social media, ones that make her weary of public opinion. 

Lily-Rose Depp, LOVE Magazine

LOVE Magazine

"The only thing I can do is let people know that is not me. My biggest fear is people reading something or seeing something on one of those fake accounts and thinking that came out of my mouth, when it didn't," she said. "I am very specific about what I put out on social media about myself. But that's also why I like social media, because it feels like the only thing that I have to control my own image. Everybody is going to say whatever the f--k they are going to say about me—and it is like this for everybody."

However, thanks to her early start in Hollywood, Lily-Rose already seems to have navigated the pros and cons of a famous life. 

"It is delicate being my age, and trying to do all the regular teenager stuff, and then having that in the spotlight," she said. "But I am grateful for what it brings and it is honestly a small price to pay to get to do what I want to do—I am very happy about that."

The LOVE Club Issue for Spring/Summer 2016 hits newsstands on Feb. 8.  

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