Alicia Fox and Eva Marie get into a very tense argument on tonight's Total Divas.

In this clip from the episode, Paige tells the Divas that she and Eva Marie have made amends.

Eva Marie didn't leave on good terms with some of the Divas, so now that she's back she wants to make things right with everyone.

But while Paige forgives Eva Marie, Foxy still has some resentment towards her.

"Where I felt very offended is, because I do like to handle things on a mature level, is when it started getting like real gossipy," Foxy says.

Foxy then explains that Eva Marie, "Unfollowed us on Twitter, but no text, no conversation."

The two go back and forth explain when they were hurt and Eva Marie says that she didn't get a text when she had surgery.

Foxy then tells Eva Marie, "This is a sisterhood, you haven't been here long enough to understand that. So why do you think I'm supposed to give you my 10 minutes? Why?"

Check out the clip above to see what happens between Foxy and Eva Marie!

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