Who dare challenge supermodel Cara Delevingne with a walk-off? Derek Zoolander, of course.

Ben Stiller, er, Zoolander has been gracing us with his presence non-stop (so it seems) in anticipation of his long-awaited sequel hitting theaters next month, and his latest appearance came in the form of a very fierce Instagram video on Delevingne's page.

The blond beauty revealed that while in Paris, the two models decided to put their Blue Steel on high gear and have a cat walk competition right there in the City of Light. With pursed lips, a full strut, and attitude that could slap you from a mile away, each star gave their best stride for the camera.

As for who won...well, that's on you.

Actually, there was a winner. We lied. And it was this dog.

Cara decided to also walk with a four-legged cutie, which she later revealed was a gift from Zoolander. "Derek @Zoolander just gave me a dog! OMG! I am falling so in love with this dog! Woof woof," she wrote in a following photo post (whether she really just got a dog or not is unclear, but color us jealous if that's the case).

Regardless of the stiff competition, there clearly wasn't any grudges between these two. Delevingne shared another photo after the puppy exchange that showed a very, um, warm (?) embrace between the two. Basically, she was all over Zoolander with her hands on his booty.

"Okay. this happened. Mistake. Never should have accepted the dog. #regrets #nevertouchedhisbutthole," she wrote, making sure that clarification was in there à la Kanye West.

Zoolander 2 hits theaters February 12.

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