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Is that wedding bells we hear? Or just the clink clink of that gorgeous bling on American Idol alum Pia Toscano's ring finger? Both, we suppose. The singer is engaged to boyfriend Jimmy R.O. Smith and the duo is as handsome as they are talented. Which is, by the way, saying a lot considering their joint ventures alongside the one and only. 

Jimmy put on a ring on it, so to speak, about two months ago, Us Weekly reported Tuesday. And the pair seems to be as happy as ever. The future spouses celebrated with a killer party at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas on Jan. 19. And, of course, Pia danced the night away with her fiancé. Then again, neither of the two love birds are any strangers to the dance floor. Or J.Lo, for that matter.

If you recall, Pia was a fan-favorite on American Idol's 11th season and shocked viewers after her elimination in the show's tenth round. J.Lo, it seems, took a liking to the songbird because she landed a role as one of the icon's backup singers. 

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The singer's fiancé boasts quite the repertoire as well. Jimmy has appeared in the movies Burlesque and Dreamgirls, as well as a dancing role in Jennifer's Las Vegas residency, All I Have, which also happens to be his current gig at, you guessed it, none other than Planet Hollywood's KOI Lounge. Ah, full circle we see. 

What's more? The couple actually met last year on J.Lo's tour, a source confirmed to People, while Pia and Jimmy were serving up their respective back-up talents. No word on wedding venues yet, but our bets are certainly on the guest list. And the dance floor. 

And on the topic of dancing, we're sure Pia did an awful lot of it upon her reception of that pear-shaped sparkler on her ring finger. The choreographer took to his Instagram on New Years with a sweet caption to his honey...and a feature spotlight on her engagement ring. "The #NewYear countdown with my future Mrs. SMITH. A toast to topping every year we've all ever lived. G.i.g --- #ourlastnewyearcelebrationsingle #MrandMrsSMITH" Jimmy captioned the photo. 

And top it they will, we're sure. We're accepting invites by the way. 

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