Louis Tomlinson, Briana Jungwirth

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It's safe to say that One Direction fans need to step away from social media for a bit. Not because they're fighting with anyone (not yet, anyway), but because of all the rumors and reports regarding the name given to Louis Tomlinson and Briana Jungwirth's newborn baby boy.

Sydney Rain? Conchobar (pronounced "Connor")? Jacob? Wilson Oliver? We still haven't gotten official confirmation on which name Louis and Briana chose for the heir to the One Direction throne (that's how this works, right?), but we can definitely confirm that 1D fans could do without any of those names. They have lots of feelings and questions about Sydney Rain, specifically.

But mostly, Directioners just want the rumors to stop flying around, because they seem to be getting more ridiculous as the hours tick by. It's weighing on their hearts, you guys. Can't 1D fans get a break from the madness?!

And also, Louis didn't really name his baby after an Australian weather pattern, did he? Oh, well. At least it's original!

Regardless of the name, congratulations are in order for the new parents! May Sydney Rain or London Drizzle or Los Angeles Smog or New York Blizzard or whatever he'll be called grow up to start another boy band that takes over the world. With a name like Sydney Rain, you kind of have to start a band, right?

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