What's the key to social media?

If there's anyone that knows the answer to that question, it's the cast of E!'s new digital series Hashtaggers.

In the video above the cast is spilling some serious social media secrets.

"I'm like all about those hashtags," Patty Guggenheim, who plays Molly on the show, says. "There's so many good ones. And like the #TBTs and I'm trying to get my own one like #SlingBackSaturday started #SBS… we'll see."

Actor Peet Guercio, who plays Colin on the show, revealed what he doesn't post on social media.

"I don't post 'this is what I had for lunch and here's a retweet of what I had for lunch and do you guys wanna know what I had for lunch?'" Peet explains.

Good to know!

Want to find out more tips to Instagram and Twitter?

Take a look at the video to see the Hashtaggers guide to social media!

Watch Hashtaggers when it premieres Feb. 8 on E! Online!

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