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This past week has been a real rollercoaster of emotions for two fanbases: The Friends fanbase and the High School Musical fanbase. And those fanbases certainly overlap, because you won't find many people who don't love both Friends and HSM. If you do find that person, just call them a monster and cut them from your life.

But we digress.

Wednesday is the 10 year anniversary of the original High School Musical and the whole cast is getting together to look back on its legacy. Isn't that great?! Except, Zac Efron, aka Troy Bolton, won't be there.


And on Feb. 21, the entire Friends cast will be together to take part in a new special honoring legendary sitcom director James Burrows. Isn't that great?! Except, Matthew Perry, aka Chandler Bing, won't be there.

Double ouch.

Efron only did a taped message for the HSM reunion on Good Morning America, and he's reportedly doing the same for the big Disney Channel special airing on Wednesday night. As for Perry, he is in London rehearsing for his play, The End of Longing, and like Efron, can only do a pre-taped segment for the Friends reunion.

Basically, it's a bummer all around and the Internet has lots and lots and lots of feelings about Troy missing out on a HSM reunion and Chandler skipping a Friends celebration. Spoiler alert: none of these feelings are good:

Not only do people have lots of emotions about Reuniongate, but they also have some theories about it. Actually, just one theory. And the theory is that there is a very specific reason why Zac and Matt are both missing their reunions...

17 Again, Zac Efron, Matthew Perry

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Because they are off filming a sequel or reunion special for 17 Again! Duh.

Honestly, we are so into that idea. We'd watch the s--t out of a 17 Again sequel.

So basically, the only reason we would accept that Zac and Matthew are missing their respective reunions—and when we say "accept" we mean "just barely allow to happen," is if they are indeed off filming a secretive 17 Again sequel. If that theory is true, then we have some ideas for the sequel title. You're welcome, Matt and Zac:

17 Again Again 

2 17 2 Furious

17 One More Time 


17 Again: The Puberty Awakens

17 Again: The Zefron Returns 

17 Again: So No One Told You Like Was Gonna Be This Way

40 Again (Zac Efron in Matt Perry's body)

2 17 2 Again

17 Again: Why Do You Guys Hate Cast Reunions?!

Sorry, guys. The only way to get back into the Internet's good graces is to make a followup to 17 Again. Until then, you are shunned. Good luck.

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