The Bella Twins are showing off their makeup-free looks and gushing over celebs!

Nikki Bella and Brie Bella are bare-faced in this exclusive interview and they look absolutely gorgeous.

The Total Divas stars decided they "didn't want filters" during the interview so they showed up with fresh faces!

"We're as bare as you can imagine right now," Nikki says.

So do the Divas like to go without makeup during the day?

"I always feel like for a day look I always like to be more natural, I feel looks better, especially when you have the sunlight on you and you're in and out of interviews, it makes you look more fresh," Brie explains.

Nikki Bella, Brie Bella, Kim Kardashian

Robin Marchant/Getty Images, John Shearer/WireImage

Nikki agrees with Brie but says she's "obsessed with contouring."

Contouring is also a favorite of fellow E! star Kim Kardashian, so do this mean that the Divas are fans of the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star?

"Oh yeah big time," Nikki says. "Their whole glam squad is amazing."

Nikki goes on to say, "Kim and that crew they look flawless all of the time."

Another celeb the Divas think is flawless? Jennifer Lopez!

Check out the video above to find out what Nikki had to say about running into Jennifer at the airport after the 2016 Golden Globes and get the scoop on what she thought of Leonardo DiCaprio side-eyeing Lady Gaga during the show!

Watch the season five premiere of Total Divas tonight at 9 p.m., only on E!

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