Hugh Jackman

Carlos Costas,

Hugh Jackman, People's Sexiest Man Alive, is switching his hosting duties from Broadway to H'wood now that he's been tapped to host 2009's Oscars, as you've no doubt heard.

Good for H.J.—we're sure he'll be able to score a +2 since he'll be hosting the damn show. We adore Jackman and all his many talents (i.e., his abs and pecs), but does this mean Australia, his Golden Globe-dissed epic, will have to be nominated for something undeservedly?

Just imagine how awkward it'll be to have the star of a flick, one who reaches Jennifer Aniston proportions of desperation for attention by the Academy, shelling out his services for nothing in return nomination-wise.

The film's action scenes were show-offy, which the Academy drools over, but Dark Knight and Iron Man did it much better. And as far as performances go, no offense, Hugh, your sweaty chest was fab, but Nicole's forehead stole the show—and not in a good way. Let's hope the Oscars don't turn into the VMAs and just give awards away because of politics—unless you really think Britney deserved Best Everything of the Year.

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