The Most Surprising Oscar Noms in History

Paramount Pictures, Univaersal Pictures, Warner Bros. Pictures

We're not here to judge, but some of these past Academy Award nominees are pretty... surprising.

In case you forgot, Waterworld (1995) is an Oscar-winning movie.

The Eddie Murphy comedy Norbit (2008) scored a nomination for Best Achievement in Makeup.

We are here to issue a friendly reminder, on this, Academy Award nominations day, that there are some films out there that have gotten Oscar love that we totally forgot about.

Before the Academy announces which movies are contenders in the 2016 Oscars race, we're taking a look back at some nominees from Oscars past that we didn't quite remember.

Click through the gallery (link below) to see which flicks made the list. (Including a Beethoven sequel?!)

Never again will we forget these "classics" that were so close to taking home Oscar gold.

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