The old Sandra Bullock is back.

That's not a dig at her age (although with her 12 years' seniority to costar Ryan Reynolds, one could argue she's roaming a bit into Cougar Country here) but rather a nice way of saying that with The Proposal, it's great to see the former rom-com queen looking to reclaim her crown after venturing into such serious fare as Infamous and last year's Premonition.

Yes, the premise of Bullock's hard-nosed book editor convincing her abused assistant (Reynolds) to pretend they're engaged so she can avoid deportation to Canada comes across as a little far-fetched, but like most movies of this nature, it nevertheless makes for a good setup for both leads to be cute and goofy.

So what do you think? Will Bullock bring in the bucks at the box office, or should Hollywood deport her to the Great White North? Comment away!

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