Tracey Ullman, Kanye West

Rob Kim/Getty Images; Dominique Charriau/WireImage

Well this must have been a blow to Kanye West's ego.

Comedienne Tracey Ullman revealed on The Graham Norton Show that she once confused the rapper for a sales assistant while she was shopping with her son. And, as mothers will do, she simultaneously humiliated her child in the process.

"I once took my son shopping for swimming trunks and in the shop I asked what I thought was a handsome sales assistant if they had what we wanted, and my son just kept saying, 'Mum, mum, mum,'" she recalled. "It turned out to be Kanye West. That was embarrassing!"

Don't worry, Kanye. Ullman will most likely be experiencing mistaken identity, too, seeing as she's returning to British TV screens for the first time in 30 years with The Tracey Ullman Show. "I never got offered a job in this country until now. I'm really flattered to be asked," she said. "I love it but people don't know who I am—they think I am Julie Walters!"

While we're sure Ullman since has laughed the whole ordeal off, it would be hard to mistake him now given he's all over the place with his music and fashion designs. The numbers for Yeezy's collection alone made jaws drop and probably ingrained his face into people's minds forever, seeing as his line charged $2,500 for a camo-print jacket.  

Fans in search of Yeezy Season 1 turned to Twitter to express their love of the line, but quickly realized they would never be able to pay rent if they shelled out the money for a slice of this wardrobe. While Season 1 didn't have much to offer the masses, perhaps Season 2 will provide more bang for the buck.

But we do have to wonder, what type of bathing suit did Ullman's son buy, and was it part of 'Ye's line?

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