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This sisterhood continues to remain, with or without the pants!

It's been more than ten years since Alexis Bledel, America Ferrera Amber Tamblyn and Blake Lively graced the big-screen together in the fan-favorite Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.

But unlike countless other movies where co-stars bid farewell after the final scene, these actresses have stayed extra close and continued their strong bond away from camera crews.

Monday proved to be no different when Blake caught up with Amber for an impromptu meeting.  "WHERE are my hands?!?" the Gossip Girl alumna shared on Instagram. "#SisterWivesOfTheTravelingPants."

The friendly gathering got us thinking of all the moments the ladies came back together. So sit back, reminisce and cross your fingers that third movie really is happening.

Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, Instagram


1. Weddings: When Blake married Ryan Reynolds, her three co-stars were in attendance. The same thing happened when Amber said "I Do" to David Cross. To take it a step further, America spoke at Amber's wedding and Blake may have had a say in the wedding dress.

2. Double Dates: During one interview, Amber totally admitted she loves to enjoy a night out with other couples. "Usually America and I going out first, eating and catching up and talking about extensionalism and philosophy, and where we are in our lives. And that usually lasts about 2 hours," she revealed to Us. "And then the dudes join up and they have been and then we talk about sports for 10 minutes. And then America and I go back to being in love with each other. They go off and do their own thing."

3. Bachelorette Party: Before Amber said "I Do," the bride-to-be was reportedly treated to a vacation in New Orleans with her co-stars. The best part was she had no idea that they planned it all for her.

4. Brunch: The power of good food! When all four actresses are in the same town, you may just find them at the local restaurant. "Brunch with my best bitches," Amber shared on Instagram. "#sisterhood @preserve_us @americaferrera."

5. Plays: When America graced the stage in Lips Together, Teeth Apart, her three co-stars were more than happy to attend. "Go America!" the group wrote on Twitter. "Supporting our girl in her play."

6. Premieres: Whether celebrating big or small-screen projects, it's not the biggest surprise to see a reunion on the red carpet. Amber posed next to America at an HBO screening of X/Y and at the God of Carnage premiere. Plus, Alexis had the support of her co-stars at the premiere of her play Regrets.

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