Grab the tissues, MythBusters fans, the final scene ever filmed for the Discovery Channel show is here. Adam Savage tweeted a behind-the-scenes peek at the scene of him and cohost Jamie Hyneman. It just so happens their final scene together is the first scene for a special secrets revealed episode.

"You ready?" Hyneman asks Savage in the video below. "Oh yeah, I'm ready," Savage, decked out in a costume, replies. "Let's get to work," Hyneman says. "Final season: here we come," Savage says to the camera.

And that's it for MythBusters. "Here you go, grenades for everybody," Savage jokes as he takes off his costume.

Discovery announced the long-running series would come to a conclusion with season 14, which just premiered on Sunday, Jan. 3.

"MythBusters is—and will always be—an incredibly important part of Discovery's history. Adam and Jamie are enormous talents who have brought learning and science to the forefront of this network, and their legacy will continue to live on over at Science Channel. The MythBusters library will be moving over to Discovery's sister network in 2016, where I know audiences new and old alike will be able to experience and learn with Adam and Jamie and the rest of the MythBusters family,"Rich Ross, group president of Discovery Channel, Animal Planet and Science Channel, said in a statement.

"Making MythBusters has fundamentally and irrevocably altered the way I think as a person, as an artist, and as a scientist. I'm glad for the chance to say goodbye with some of the best television we've ever made. I will miss making this show," Savage said in a statement.

"I never dreamed we would be on television at all, much less for such a long time and with so much praise for keeping a thought provoking show on the air. And best of all, we were able to do what we do and still have all our fingers and toes," Hyneman said in a statement.

MythBusters airs Sundays at 8 p.m. on Discovery.

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