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The world celebrates some strange-ass holiday's, and these two are no exception. National Bacon Day just wasn't weird enough. Now, apparently today is both National Trivia Day and Pop Music Chart Day. Random, but cool by us. We'll take any reason to watch Jeopardy on mute while our old Spice Girls CD skips along in the background. That being said, we're kicking off the odd holiday with a celebratory quiz to test your pop music chart trivia knowledge. '90s and '00s kids get excited —this baby goes out to you.  

Nsync, O-Town, Dream, 90's Pop

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1. Which one of these bands are making a comeback?

a) Dream

b) O-Town

c) N*sync 

Destiny's Child, O-Town, Dream, 90's Pop

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2. Which one of these bands has swapped out members?

a) Dream

b) O-town

c) Destiny's Child 

Blu Cantrell, 90's

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3. What was the name of Blu Cantrell's one-hit wonder? 

a) "Playa's Gon' Play"

b) "Hit 'Em Up Style"

c) "Where My Girls At?" 

Jared Leto, Fred Durst, Colin Farrell, 90's

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4. Which one of these bad boys might have dated Britney Spears back in the day?

a) Colin Farrell

b) Fred Durst 

c) Jared Leto

LeToya Luckett, Ikaika Kahoano, 90's Music

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5. Which pop group did these randos used to belong? Hint: Their names from left to right are Kasey Sheriden, Ikaika Kahoano and LeToya Luckett.

a) Dream, O-Town, Destiny's Child 

b) Danity Kane, 2Ge+her, Destiny's Child

c) A*Teens, BBMak, En Vogue 

Janet Leon, Rosie Munter, Anna Sundstrand, and Anais Lameche, PLAY, 90's

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6. Who the heck is this girl band? 

a) Atomic Kitten

b) Sugababes

c) Play

Victoria Beckham, Spice Girls, History of Little Black Dress

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7. What do the Spice Girls really, really want and how many times do they want it? 

a) Pistachios: five bags of them for their dressing room backstage

b) To "zigazig ah" a total of six times

c) To "zigazig ah" a total of nine times

Blaque, 90's

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8. What is the name of this girl group? 

a) Blaque

b) 702

c) 3LW



9. How old are Zac, Taylor and Isaac Hanson now? 

a) Zac (32), Taylor (34), Isaac (37)

b) Zac (30), Taylor (34), Isaac (37)

c) Zac (30), Taylor (32), Isaac (35) 

Atomic Kitten, 90's

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10. Who is this band of basic BB's?  

a) Atomic Kitten

b) Eden's Crush 

c) Danity Kane 

Rich Cronin, Devin Lima, Brad Fischetti, LFO, 90s

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11. LFO is short for what? 

a) Lyte Funkie Ones

b) Living For Optimism

c) Lyte Fresh Ones

Compare your answers below and let us know how you did in the comments! 

Answers: 1. a and b, 2. all of the above, 3. b, 4. all of the above, 5. a, 6. c, 7. b, 8. a, 9. c, 10. a, 11. a  

Guess which boy bands are back!?

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