Angelina Jolie

Jason LaVeris/Getty Images

After escorting Brad Pitt to his big movie premiere Monday, Angelina Jolie stepped out to support another man last night: Clint Eastwood.

The actress, whom Clint directed in Changeling, made a surprise appearance at the premiere of Gran Torino sans Brad.

But Pitt's still making headlines today while defending Angie in a new interview with Rolling Stone as he shoots down claims that she manipulates media, instead calling her "savvy."

"I get defensive," he tells RS. "[They're] talking about not only the woman I love, but one of the people on this planet who I have the greatest respect for. I think she's as honorable as anyone I've ever met."

And that's not all...

Brad is now echoing Angie's comment that she and Brad fell in love on the set of Mr. & Mrs. Smith (while he was still married to Jen Aniston).

When asked to name his favorite Angelina movie, he chose Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Why?

""Because you know...six kids," he told R.S. "Because I fell in love."

One word, Brad: uncool.

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